Furniture Financing

Ready to increase your furniture loan approvals?

Furniture can help transform a living space into a home, but for many customers, the price of even modestly priced furniture can seem out of reach.  This is especially true for customers who might have a hard time qualifying for furniture credit. Many are forced to turn to very costly alternatives with very high interest rates, or even buying used furniture.  By offering affordable furniture financing, you can help your customers create the home of their dreams while increasing your own sales.

The economic landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade in terms of both consumer income and the lending industry. Borrowers who were once able to easily qualify for credit are finding themselves struggling to get approved for financing such as furniture loans.   Prime lenders find themselves severely limited in who they can extend financing to, with the result that even buyers with average credit find themselves being denied.  That means limited options for your customers and less business for you.

Why choose Fortiva for your furniture financing?

By teaming up with Fortiva, you can expand the options available to your customers and reach a broader base of buyers who are eager to buy your products.  Unlike many other lenders, Fortiva looks at several different criteria aside from just credit scores, and we use a variety of data sources to create our own proprietary risk profiles.   Our experience and expertise lets us build a more accurate profile of the potential borrower and allows us to approve more of your customers.

By choosing Fortiva for your furniture credit needs, you’re getting more than just increased approvals – you’re getting the world-class service and support that Fortiva is renowned for.  We offer features designed to make your job easier, including comprehensive record keeping and reporting, quality monitoring, and access to enhanced features such as branded financial products, customized pricing and integrated POS solutions.

If you’ve realized just how much business you’re losing because your customers are having a hard time getting furniture loans, give us a call today.  We’ll be glad to discuss your customizable options and the Fortiva solutions that are best suited to your business needs.